RethinkRAW R

RethinkRAW is an unpretentious, free RAW photo editor.


On Windows using Scoop 🍨:

scoop install

On macOS using Homebrew 🍺:

brew install ncruces/tap/rethinkraw

Or download the latest release.


Download and unpack the latest source code and run:


RethinkRAW works like a simplified, standalone version of Camera Raw. You can edit your photos without first importing them into a catalog, and it doesn’t require Photoshop. Yet, it integrates nicely into an Adobe workflow.

You get all the basic, familiar knobs, and your edits are loaded from, and saved to, Adobe compatible XMP sidecars and DNGs. This means you can later move on to Adobe tools, without losing any of your edits.

To achieve this, RethinkRAW leverages the free Adobe DNG Converter.

Server mode

RethinkRAW can act like a server that you can access remotely.

On Windows run:

[PATH_TO]\ --password [SECRET] [DIRECTORY]

On macOS run:

/Applications/ --password [SECRET] [DIRECTORY]

Elsewhere run:

[PATH_TO]/rethinkraw-server --password [SECRET] [DIRECTORY]

You can edit photos in DIRECTORY by visiting:


Welcome screen

Browsing photos

Browsing photos

Editing a photo

Editing a photo